Red Light

Skin-penetrating rays work deep below the skin’s surface to rejuvenate your whole body! Your skin will see benefits like improved skin complexion, increased collagen production, and pore size reduction, as well as minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and cellulite. All those benefits lead to smoother, firmer, and all-around healthier skin. And the benefits don’t stop there! The light also improves your blood circulation, so you’ll notice reduced pain and inflammation, as well as faster healing from everyday bumps and scratches. Did you know red light therapy can impact your mood as well? Red light is even used as a part of a treatment regime for mood disorders, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression. Proven to influence more than just your skin, your body will thank you for choosing red light therapy.

We now have a second red light bed.  Come on by and check it out!

We have been getting some great testimonials on our red light therapy. See it  below the pictures.

New Red Light


Madison red light 1




New addition!  We now have a facial light machine.  Red light for the traditional needs, blue light for acne treatment.  This is a good way to localize your treatment.


Testimonials from our customers:


I was headed to get Botox and decided to try red light therapy instead.  I no longer need Botox!!!



I am 75 years old and I feel the red light has helped this aging skin of mine.  When I use it three times a week, my skin feels plumper and the fine lines are less noticeable.  Also, it has helped lessen my age spots.  I really love the benefits.



I have been using red light for about one year.  The benefits I have noticed are age spot lightening, fine lines diminishing, and my skin feels firmer and healthier.  Also, it is very relaxing.



I love doing red light at Radiance Therapy.  After doing it, my skin feels better, I feel energized, and my whole body feels better.  I make every effort to do red light two to three times a week.



I’m receiving tremendous relaxation each time I use the red light therapy bed, after the first few minutes.  I am convinced that this is responsible for turning me, a light sleeper, into a very deep sleeper for full nights of great sleep.  This alone is a great help, having fibromyalgia.  It works in a synergistic way, giving a sense of well being.  Even my skin looks great!  I am sold on the red light therapy bed!



The red light therapy bed is like a magic pill with no side effects.  It helps alleviate my pain with circulatory issues.  It also helps my skin look more youthful.  I love how relaxing it feels when I lay down in this bed.  I always have a good nap.  I can honestly say that I can’t imagine my life now without red light therapy since I have discovered how wonderful it is.



I tried red light therapy to treat my dermatitis and within two weeks of consistent use, I noticed a difference.  I am pleased with the results, and I recommend red light therapy to help with dermatitis.