We use top of the line bulbs and offer awesome products at the area’s best prices.  Monthly memberships as low as $55.00 per month for level 4 tanning beds.  Other memberships and packages available. 

Our newest addition is a second UWE Silver Bullet bed, which is in room 8.  It is a level 4 bed, and since it is our second bed of this model, we know it will be quite popular.

All of our UV tanning beds are level 4 or higher.  This allows you to reach and maintain your desired level of tan in a shorter period of time – saving you time and money.

Bed 7 – our newly upgraded spray tanner.  This is the Mystic Tan HD, with heater and dryer.  With your choice of medium or dark base, you can also add accelerator, and various shades of bronzers.  We are also now offering the Norvell dark solution which provides a deeper and more immediate color.  When you need color right away, this is the tanner for you.


Bed 1 – DR Muller Onyx.  This is a 12-15 minute level 4 bed with 44 160 watt reflector lamps and 2 high pressure facial lamps.


Bed 2 – UWE Silver Bullet.  This is a  12 minute level 5 bed, with 42 160 watt reflector lamps and frosted acrylics, 3 high pressure facial lamps and 2 high pressure shoulder lamps.  This is a new addition for us and has become very popular.

Silver Bullet 4

Bed 3 – ISO Italia Matrix L-33.  This is a high pressure bed, with 33 high pressure lamps  that provide UVA tanning.  This allows for a fast, uniform and deep tan with minimal risk of sunburn.  This bed is a salon favorite for sure.

Matrix 1

Bed 5 – Sunstar 48.  This is a 12 – 15 minute level 4 bed with 48 160 watt reflector lamps.  This bed is a long-time favorite for it’s deep bronzing ability.


Bed 6 – Sundome 548V.  This is a 12 – 15 minute level 4 standup tanner.  It has 48 160 watt reflector lamps for an all around tan.


Bed 8 – Our newest Silver Bullet.  We are happy to add some capacity to our UV tanning offerings with a bed that you already love.