Radiance Therapy Tanning

Conveniently located at 2100 Roswell Rd #2182, Marietta, GA 30062, we’re in the Pavilions at East Lake shopping center by Kroger. Stop in for all your tanning needs while you’re out running errands or make a trip just to enjoy our place.



Note:  Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to our close time.  This allows for a full relaxed tanning session and will keep our employees from having to stay late for you.  If you arrive less than 20 minutes before close time, you will not be allowed to begin a tanning session.

Monday –  Friday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Saturday  10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Sunday  12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Call Radiance Therapy Tanning today if you have any questions.  Or just come on in – appointments not necessary.

(678) 701-4333


Good beds and products should be the basis of every tanning salon, right? Come see why clients say Radiance Therapy Tanning is their salon of choice.  When you walk in, you can head back to your favorite bed or sit and chat with our staff and owner if you have the time. We don’t just want to be another check mark off of your mile long to-do list. We want to be the place where you go to get some much needed time to yourself. We provide more than a service; we provide a space to rest and relax. Whether it’s during your lunch break, or after a long day, whether you are staying 10 minutes or 30, we aim to make you feel as warm and welcomed as possible. Dedicated to the comfort of our clients and the quality of our services, Radiance Therapy Tanning is the salon you’ve been waiting for.

If you are new to the area, or just looking for a better option for tanning, here are some of the reasons why you should consider joining us:

  • All our beds are level 4 or above and we keep our bulbs at a high level of performance. This saves you time and gives you quick and lasting results.
  • We offer a wide variety of lotions and products at the best prices in the area, and we post our prices on our website.
  • We offer packages of 5 or 10 visits as well as monthly memberships at great prices. Our prices are posted in our salon and on our website.
  • There are no startup fees and no cancellation fees to stop a monthly membership.
  • We provide wipes, aloe water spritzer, and real towels in each room.
  • We are diligent about cleaning and sanitizing our beds after each use with products made specifically for that purpose.
  • Our rooms are spacious and each has a chair, a clothes hook, music and a comfortable pillow. A Bluetooth speaker is available for clients wishing to use their own music.
  • We provide sanitized eye protection at no cost for anyone who doesn’t have their own.
  • We provide complimentary bottled water.
  • We have makeup remover wipes and hair ties available to our clients.
  • For spray tanning clients, we provide nose filters, feet protectors, shower caps, body wipes, barrier cream.


6 thoughts on “Radiance Therapy Tanning

  1. Ashley says:

    I came in to treat myself for my birthday and it was an amazing experience! The bronzer bed I laid in was AMAZING!!! Afterwards I got a spray tan and just love it! I will definitely be back! The owner was there and was just so sweet! My new spot!!!!


  2. Amanda says:

    The owner is amazing. I came from Palm Beach Tan after being consistently let down by their customer service and tanning services/pricing and I could not be happier but I made the switch. The pricing here is the best and the spray tan room is so spacious and there are great perks such as the feet protectors and an additional fan for drying after your tan. I have brought my daughter with me while I spray tan and instead of making me feel that she was unwelcome, the owner was beyond accommodating and so sweet engaging my daughter and that makes a great impression. Hands down the best customer service of any tanning salon I have ever been to. I will refer as many people as I can because I know they will not be disappointed.


  3. Lori Skinner says:

    Recently found this lil gem while visiting my daughter. I don’t remember the young lady who helped us when we first came in but she was a sweetheart, at first I thought we’d just do a single tan and red light therapy but after the lay I decided I had to get the small package of 5 tanning visits and 5 red light therapy visits, she took care of us with that as I can be a bit complicated ! Lol ! The rooms are beautifully decorated and spacious and the atmosphere was relaxing. The 2nd visit I had the opportunity to meet the owner Karen and her sister, apologizes don’t remember sisters name . Two very nice lady’s ! 5 stars and a thumbs up! Left feeling wonderful ! Thank you !!! xoxo


  4. Haley Alexandra Durden says:

    I came today for my first time right before closing, she went above and beyond to help me- to give me the best rates, and to be an actual person and not a salesman. She was incredible, this place is incredible. I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the world, and I haven’t been to a tanning salon in 15 years


    • Haley Alexandra Durden says:

      Update: after a little over a year (pregnancy then having a child) when I returned even with a mask on and post baby, not only did she recognize me but even remembered me by name. The customer service here is phenomenal, it’s what makes this salon stand out. There aren’t any others like it. They are always updating and adding the newest products and beds, the rooms are “spa quality” so you feel pampered; it’s overall a wonderful place. I recommend this place to everyone I know!


  5. Jim Bennett says:

    I love this place! It’s spotless, but most importantly, the owners’ presence is evident in how customers like me are treated. As a recent example, their system was not working well. I went in to re-start morning tanning package. I wanted to give them my credit card, sign new paperwork, etc. They refused. Instead, they told me to tan in my regular bed and we would take care of any paperwork the next time I came in. Kindness and trust still matter. They proved it to me that day.


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